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Golden Goose is a journey of love

We are a community of Dreamers, who believe in the power of doing things together. 

We strive for uniqueness, which for us is synonymous with authenticity

Craftsmanship is the essence of who we are, enhancing the warmth of the artisanal touch and its perfect imperfections

We have a firm will to preserve Venetian heritage, which is and will always be at the core of the brand. 

The way we treat materials is our signature. We like things that are lived-in, distressed, touched with life. 

Life is authentic. 

Don’t be perfect, be Younique


Caring, listening, including, and building. This is our spirit.

Brandi Reed
Brandi Reed
Co-Creation Coordinator - New York
 “Amazing since the very beginning. This has been my experience at Golden. I felt heard since day one. This is not...
Rudy Comazzetto
Rudy Comazzetto
Chief Merchandising Officer - Milan
 “When I first joined Golden Goose, I realized my dream had literally come true. I found a company in which I could...
Ella Rose Phillips
Ella Rose Phillips
CRM Specialist - Milan
 “Golden Goose really struck me as a serious company, yet with a familiar and inclusive approach. Even during my...

Golden is a story about authenticity and timelessness, about perfection emanating from apparent imperfection. This is our story. A story made by many. 


85countries ofoperation
100%sneakers handcraftedin Italy
As at 31 December 2023


 APR 22, 2024
On 2024 Earth Day, we are proud to share with you, for the third year in a row, the Diary of our responsible journey,...
 APR 09, 2024
We are proud to announce the opening of HAUS in Marghera (Venice, Italy), which is set to unveil a unique and immersive...
 JAN 18, 2024
We are proud to announce that we have achieved the Top Employer 2024 certification for the third consecutive year in...